Don’t you get it? It’s over.

I was listening to Johanna Blackly on TEDWomen as she talked about Social media and the end of gender. Her talk is actually framed within a much bigger topic, which she articulates very well.

Since I am on a war against that demographics-based targeting that media companies and advertising agencies have plagued us with, I was really excited to hear what she had to say. “The crazy thing” she says, “is that media companies think if you fall within a certain demographic category, you are predictable.”

YES!!! finally someone else said that this is CRAZY. I’ve been saying this ever since I took my first Marketing class and my common sense started having issues with my MBA professors. Seriously, I want my money back.

Anyway, the good old days of post-industrial revolution are over. The rise of middle class in the developed world is history. David Ogilvy’s ideas were great but his books are not even available for Kindle.

Wake up people. It’s over. Age, gender, marital status blah, blah, blah is a hoax. Internet is too measurable and you can’t hide it anymore. Break the spell. Move on to psychographics and behaviors and create new value for your business (or just manage to survive).

Here is her talk. Enjoy: