Open IDEO – A promising platform for crowdsourcing ideas

I clicked on my first “banner ad” in the last 5 or so years when I saw IDEO and Jamie Oliver’s name together on a banner. I love IDEO for their method cards and I have read Tom Kelley’s book: The Art of Innovation (highly recommended, awesome, awesome book). I also love what Jamie Oliver is doing because I am a concerned parent and I see whats going on in America with all the packaged food full of sugar and corn syrup.

Now, this is sort of a crowd-sourcing event on IDEO’s platform. I am more interested in the platform itself and its concept. The navigation is simple and sequential. I had the rare “I get it” feeling within seconds and I love the concept.

We have to wait and see how it goes. I am sure IDEO will figure out a good outcome even if it does not yield any original creativity. Or may be it is designed as a PR stunt to “raise awareness.” It would be interesting to see if 584 inspirations and 194 concepts are any better than a few people brainstorming in a room.

I think the problem of bias of order is still there. Ideas are listed one after the other. The threads of conversation are not random. Or even if the exposure of ideas is randomized, pure serendipity is missing because I don’t think pure serendipity is random (different debate but you get the idea). Also, in live brainstorms, really bad ideas get killed right away, no matter how much you try to avoid it. (I think that is a good thing as it reduces clutter.)

What do you think? Here is the link: