“Design of business” and Blue Ocean Strategy

I listened to Roger Martin, the coauthor of Design of Business on the HBR ideacast. He talks about going half way towards analytical approaches and using inductive and deductive logic for business decision. Funny that I mentioned the process of design in my last post and I am thinking why not! The iterative process of design can be used in business decisions. In fact that is what we do  (more of less).

When he mentioned the example of Cirque De Soleil, I instantly connected it to the Blue Ocean Strategy. We are kind of talking about the same thing. Just more creativity and intuition in decision making. I will read the book and post again. But I do think that people struggle with the idea of using too much intuition in business especially in public companies with stockholder pressure and a epitite for short-term gains.

At the same time, if wall street is OK with taking ridiculous risks with “mortgage backed securities” why not take a risk with some of these other “crazy” ideas.