Welcome to the age of statistical intuition

The fact that you have chosen to read this blog post can be established by a regression equation. Math geeks like to think that everything happening around us has some mathematical predictability behind it. Well, it might be true but who cares, right?  Think again.

Intense competition and caffeine overdose has pushed us into the era where good old creativity, gut-feelings are not enough to run a business; where dreams and passion are not all you need to invent something great. You have to know what statistical confidence really means and why yes and no are never the only two choices. As for the creativity, it may take a genius to create a successful business proposition for once or twice, maybe. But to do it every time, the way Apple or Google do it, there’s lot of math behind that creativity. There is definitely some statistical intuition going on over there!

(I really don’t know what that means though)