Linear Purchase Funnel — Good bye

Chris Anderson, according to his long-tail concept, talks about unlimited shelf space and the opportunity that lies in the niche segments. We also talk about going beyond demographics and using behaviors to define the customer. Then we have “mass customization” and “economies of scope” concepts. If I am not exaggerating, I think DELL was discussed in at least 13 of the 16 MBA courses I have taken so far. These are all signs of the paradigm shift I love to blog about.


1-1 relationship marketing has been my fascination until Zafar Iqbal, one my favorite MBA professors, introduced me to the amazing world of analytical tools and strategic frameworks for business sustainability. Most of these models are tend to solve marketing problems through aggregation.

Although marketing decision making needs simplified models but think there have to be models that support granularity just because we now have data. Instead of asking “what should we do with all this data” why not try to change the models that we try to fit this data into.

So today I launch my campaign against linear purchase funnel (awareness, consideration…). In know this is not new. People have been talking about it but can someone evolve a new purchase cycle instead of showing a big cloud clip-art in their power points?