Shhhhh… listen for the heartbeat of your company

Every business has a heartbeat. When a business idea takes a life of its own, a new heart starts beating. The business goes through evolution. People come and go but the heart keeps beating through wins, fails and growing pains. The question is, can you hear the heartbeat of the company you work for?

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Become a target brand instead of chasing target customers.

Your target customer does not have to be a fictional character named "Jen" or "Steve". Anyone with a potential to buy your product should be the target. The power of pull-marketing can be unleashed if you break out of the advertising mindset and crowdsource your marketing with your happy customers.

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Change agents – Merchants of ideas or much more than that?

I believe, a true strategic change agent is one who successfully turns the direction of the entire ship in a new promising direction using the energy of every single molecule working in sync, creating a new self-sustainable momentum. Who is this change agent? How is it done?

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Stop looking. Blue ocean is right underneath you.

Conventional business school wisdom suggests offering value-cost trade-offs through product-line extension. That approach has created so much clutter and craziness in the marketplace. BOS approach suggests otherwise. It says: Break the value-cost trade-off. I feel that in some industries (like appliances) that is all you have to do: simplify the damn product line.

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Calm before the brainstorm – Design thinking for agencies

How many times have you walked out of a brainstorm feeling great about the ideas (especially the ones you loved), without realizing that the core problem has been left unaddressed? Or, you could have conveniently picked a version of the problem that matched your favorite idea.

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Muscle memory

Muscle memory? Not good for business.

The only constant in change is, change itself. You need people who have the ability to intuitively learn and apply knowledge through the conscious part of their brain until the day that knowledge becomes obsolete and is replaced with new knowledge. It should never settle in as subconscious cognitive behavior.

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Internet and The Birth of Tragedy

This "academic bullshit", as described by Stephen King, might actually offer us a larger perpective about the Internet.

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Do you have Device Divergence Anxiety Disorder?

If you are involved in technology-related aspects of your business, I am sure you have experienced anxiety over the wide range of platforms, systems and devices that you have to support (or deal with).

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Are Targeted Ads Worth the Privacy Price? You Betcha!

Tom Devenport's question made it to the HBR "Future of Retail" forum. He asks the question if marketers are headed in the right direction with this whole online targeting thing? Let's break it down. The price of privacy is $0 and there is nothing we can do about it. So there you go. That's my first argument.

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Contradiction is fair game in brand storytelling.

Shekhar Kapoor explains that harmony is not about seeking resolution, it is more about the acceptance of contradiction. A good story is told at many different levels and it is OK if the elements of the story do not jive together perfectly. Every loophole does not have to be closed. Even in some of the great Hollywood movies, the creators compromise the intellectual quality just to provide a complete resolution at the end.

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Open IDEO – A promising platform for crowdsourcing ideas

Jamie Oliver launches an open discussion on IDEO's new brainstorming platform. I am eager to see how it goes. The concept is promising but it probably has the same problems every published online or offline content has... bias of order.

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Treating your follower as an equal is the key to leadership

The first follower is the one who turns a "lone nut" into a leader. Here's how is start a movement by treating your followers as an equal.

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Next sustainable digital revolution: innovation that leads back to basic human intuition

MIT genius introduces SixthSense Technology. Mind-blowing ideas!

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“Design of business” and Blue Ocean Strategy

Comparing "Design of Business" approach with blue ocean strategy. It makes sense to take a risk with half-intuitive and half analytical approaches because pure analytical approach is not any better.

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